Maria Aquino | lost her sister, Paulina
Maria Rivera | lost her husband, Victor
Memo Flores | lost his brother, 11 year old Omarr
Joshua Coleman | 11 year old wounded
Keith Thomas | 12 year old wounded
Albert Leos | 16 year old wounded
Wendy Flanagan | hid in a basement closet
Adriana Wright | lost her sister, Jackie and her baby nephew, Carlos
Fuet Jazil | 2 year old, ran out of McDonalds
Maricela Flores | shot multiple times, once in the eye
Karlita Felix | baby who was shot multiple times
Fernando Hernandez | lost brother, 11 year old Omarr

Jerry Sanders | head of SWAT
Miguel Rosario | first officer to arrive at scene
Albert Leos | survivor, later became police captain
Richard Carlson | officer on scene
Paul Ybarrando | sergeant, homicide division
Charles Foster | sniper who shot the murderer
Hon. Duncan Werth | judge, saw the shooter in court on 7/18/84

Gene Cubbison | KNSD-TV
Carlos Amezcua | first reporter to arrive on scene
Doug Curlee | spent long hours on scene
Max Branscomb | teacher, Southwestern College
Gregorio Pantoja | teacher, Southwestern College
Karen Field | teacher to Omarr, David and Joshua (3 boys on their bikes)



DIRECTOR | Charlie Minn
PRODUCER | Charlie Minn
CAMERA | Juventino Mata
EDITOR | Yota Matsuo
MUSIC | Kyle Hildenbrand
DESIGN | Donnie Laffoday



Charlie Minn has sold films to Lions Gate, Investigation Discovery, Aljazeera and Cine Latino.
He has worked for America's Most Wanted and NBC's Peacock Prods.
His work has been featured on CNN, Fox News Channel, and Lifetime television.
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